Cooking with flowers

Cooking with flowers

Di: Daniela Bencivenni, Cecilia Meacci

  • Collana: Mezzi scudi
  • Pagine: 40
  • ISBN: 978-88-65000-89-2

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At first, the subject matter of thisculinary collection may evoke a gourmetniche cuisine, more form than substance.You would be quite surprised, however, ifyou consider the amount of flowers thatare part of recipes that are frequentlyprepared.Culinary use of flowers has a very longhistory and includes many floral species.There are recipes and preparations in thecuisine of ancient Rome, in medievalmanuscripts, in the oriental traditionalcuisine, in the Mediterranean, in whichflowers are not only present in recipes butalso in traditional medicine.This small collection of recipes withflowers as an ingredient is only a smallsample of recipes gathered which useeasily found flowers to prepare sweet andsavory dishes.To simplify the use of this recipe book,in the first section, the recipes have beengrouped by flower, with information onthe main characteristics of its traditional healing properties.

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