The Duomo of Florence

The Duomo of Florence

Its masterworks of art, symbols and epigraphs

Di: Lucio Bigi

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This publication was born out of a need to satisfy touristswho are curious, attentive to details, and always “on the move.”

Often, questions posed by such tourists arecomplex, and guide-books simply do not have all theanswers.

This text is in no way a complete treatise, but itholds valuable keys to understanding and deciphering themagnificent Duomo of Florence.

The Cathedral of SantaMaria del Fiore remains the ultimate religious symbol ofthe Florentine imagination.

This volume offers preciousdetails about the art and artists, the dates and timelines ofthis masterpiece of sacred architecture.

The text is enriched by the first-ever compilation inEnglish of all the inscriptions inside the Cathedral thathonor the people and events which gave us this worldrenownedmonument.

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